Radio Spot – CariVu technology

Ben Heighes: Thanks for joining us on AM 1440 KUHL and also online at Here to welcome to the program for the first time in this special segment we’ll be doing here once a week, it’s called Cool Truths About the Tooth. I have Dr. Dino Bonyadii, he’s a local dentist here in Santa Maria. He’s joining me in the studio today, and Dr. Dino, as you’ve asked me to call you, thanks for joining us today.

Dr.Dino Bonyadi: Well, thank you for having me Ben.

Ben Heighes: Sure. Now, we’re going to be talking about something that maybe folks have not heard about before, but it’s something that you’re using right now. It is called CariVu. Tell our listeners a little bit about this.

Dr. Dino Bonyadi: Well, Ben, as you saw for yourself, CariVu’s a brand new technology and what it does is it aids the dentist in detecting tooth decay, and for patients, and I must say that it’s completely radiation free. So, for patients who are concerned about getting radiation doses, CariVu is ideal for doing exam on teeth to detect cavities.

Ben Heighes: Sure. Now, you gave me the demonstration here this week. So, it’s kind of … If I could describe it, it’s kind of like a wand that you insert in someone’s mouth and you kind of run it over the teeth, and you’re looking for cracks and things, right?

Dr.Dino Bonyadi: Well, we’re looking for any structural deformities in the tooth, such as cavities, cracks. What CariVu does basically, it uses a near infrared light and it transilluminates the tooth from inside, and also at the same time it is an intraoral camera where it records. So, we can show our patients exactly where the problem with the tooth lies. Also, it’s more accurate than x-rays, in the sense of detecting cavities. Therefore, with CariVu we can detect cavities earlier on, which is much easier to fix and it’s less expensive.

Ben Heighes: All right. Is there any discomfort for the patient?

Dr.Dino Bonyadi: Actually, it’s more comfortable than x-rays from what my patients tell me. It’s a very soft wand that hugs the tooth, and all you feel is a little bit of pressure on your tooth and your gums.

Ben Heighes: We’re speaking to Dr.Dino Bonyadii. It’s Cool Truths About the Tooth and we’re talking about something brand new called CariVu, which Dr. Bonyadi is using right now in his office. And Dr., do you take a look at all the teeth or certain teeth?

Dr.Dino Bonyadi: Well, it depends. If we are doing a full mouth exam and patient declines x-rays, then in that situation, yes. We go over individual tooth. Now, I must say, x-rays, radiographs are two dimensional. This is a three-dimensional picture. So, for patients who are not of understanding of x-rays, it’s so much easier to see and to understand what is going on with their tooth.

Ben Heighes: Sure, and people who don’t want an x-ray, maybe they’re going through chemotherapy, this would be something that they would look at then.

Dr.Dino Bonyadi: Exactly. Absolutely. And like I said, we can detect cavities that x-rays don’t. So, in the sense of detecting decay, CariVu is more accurate. Now, you may ask, does this replace radiographs, x-rays? It does not because this does not capture the bone. It does not capture lesions in the bone, but it is safer than x-rays. So yes, in that sense absolutely, for patients who have had radiation therapy, this would be a wonderful way to go.

Ben Heighes: All right. It’s called CariVu, and matter of fact if you want to find out more about it, Dr. Dino can be reached at 925-7343 and Dr., where are you folks located?

Dr.Dino Bonyadi: We’re on 1315 South Miller, Suite 201. We’re on the corner of Miller and Stowell in the two-story building.

Ben Heighes: You can also find them online at, and also like them on Facebook. We’ve been joined by Dr.Dino Bonyadii. It’s Cool Truths About the Tooth, and Dr., we’ll see you next week.

Dr.Dino Bonyadi: Thank you very much, man.